Depression/Bipolar Support Groups

What Our Depression/Bipolar Support Groups Do

The 25 million Americans coping with mood disorders and their families need a greater understanding of how these illnesses affect their lives. We all need support from people who have been there and who understand our journey. After proper diagnosis and treatment, the support from others is vital to a lifetime of wellness. DBSA San Jose can provide that support and much more.

DBSA San Jose is an independent, local affiliate of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. We are an incorporated, non-profit organization governed by our own board of directors. We offer peer-run support groups where you will find comfort and direction in a confidential and supportive setting, and where you can make a difference in the lives of others. DBSA San Jose's Depression/Bipolar support groups are volunteer run and provide self-help through facilitated meetings. Our depression and bipolar support groups are not group therapy, however, we do have local professional advisers.

In addition to participating in the group meetings, you will meet people from your community who can relate to your experiences. You may learn valuable information about mental health professionals and services in your area, as well as tips and techniques others use to manage their illness.

In addition to our depression and bipolar support groups, we also offer educational sessions, a newsletter, a lending library, and special events. As well as information on mental health professionals in the South Bay area.

What happens at a support group meeting?
At support group meetings, people share experiences, personal feelings, information, and strategies for living successfully with mood disorders.
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Who can participate in a support group

The primary participants in DBSA chapters’ support group meetings are persons diagnosed with a mood disorder and those who believe they may have a mood disorder. Support groups may also include family members and friends of such individuals.

Take the next step toward wellness for yourself or someone you love. Use our Calendar to find a DBSA San Jose Peer Support group to attend.

The Value of DBSA Support Groups

DBSA support groups provide the kind of sharing and caring that is crucial for a lifetime of wellness.

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  • What happens at a support group meeting?
  • Who can participate in a support group
  • The Value of DBSA Support Groups